Oudh 1590 - Kolkata

About us

Isn't it possible to reverse the chronology of events and get transported to a period of history where time is entrapped within the esotericism of a forgotten culture? Imagine Awadhi Bawarchis and Khansamas toiling hard to give you a taste of the bewitching tehzeeb of Wajid Ali Shah with their gargantuan Handis spilling over with Kebabs, Biryanis, Shorbas at the royal banquets of Awadh! Makes you nibble at your nether lips with sheer expectation of such a thing?
Oudh 1590 will bring back memories of Wajid Ali Shah the gourmet king of Awadh and history will return in the form of the first period restaurant of the country.
Oudh 1590 is a humble initiative to introduce a true "period dining" experience recreated in today's kitchens to be savored at the table.
At Oudh 1590, we make sure that all the customers experience the traditional Nawabi culture through the food, costume, music and ambience that has been part of the rich heritage of Awadh as a region. At the restaurant we make it a point to listen to each of the customer's feedback striving in the process to have Oudh's food recognized and remembered.
We sincerely hope that the cuisine of Oudh within the ambience of "Oudh 1590" will be able to rekindle the romance of Shaam-E-Awadh.


At Oudh 1590 we believe that period dining is not just about food, but an experience to remember. Our aim is to give our customers the best of Lucknow, with the mood, ambience and decor. We want to maintain the rich standard of the Awadhi cuisine and culture that has been our USP. We also plan to expand to other metro cities in India and abroad in the days to come.